Available Videos for Psy 527/627

Creating the first SPSS data file.

Tables and Graphs Assignment
Finding a medical data set and creating tables and graphs for assignment
Tables & Graphs for Hospital Data

The Distributions Assignment using the Probability Calculator.

The Statistics Assignment
How to create a medical errors SPSS data file.
The statistics assignment using the medical errors data file

The first test.
How to do the score transformations assignment
The first linear regression assignment
Test two

The ANOVA assignment - This demonstrates a slightly different version of the assignment, but the logic is similar
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

The hypothesis testing assignment
Creating the MissouriSchools 2014.sav data file - interesting, but not critical for doing the assignment
Exploring the SPSS data file and creating variables to do the assignment
Doing the hypothesis tests and creating the Word document

The "How Many Subjects" assignment
Creating power curves
Using power curves to complete the assignment

Multiple Regression 1 assignment
Multiple Regression 2 assignment
Multiple Regression Final